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Mason Jar Lid Pies

I am so behind on what I've wanted to post here. Everything else gets in there and I just don't get around to it. This was meant to be a post in February.....obviously that didn't happen. 

Can I get a show of hands of how many love pies? How many love to make pies? How many struggle when it comes to making pies? I'm the latter. I love pie, BUT I struggle. I finally got the crust mostly figured out, though not perfect, however, the filling of fruit pies...I just can't seem to get. They are always too runny! Maybe we aren't patient enough to let it set, but I really think it's my ratios (even though I follow recipes). 

So, on Valentines Day I was at the store thinking of something to make last minute, and wanted to throw in something for dessert. It was just hubby and I at home since it was a Wednesday, my youngest was at youth group and we don't usually go out to eat on Holidays because who in the world wants to mess with crowds. I remembered scheduling a …

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